Since 1976, Treasures has been the only nappy manufacturer in NZ.

We’re proud our open nappies (there the side tabs attached to the front of the nappy) are made in Te Rapa, New Zealand utilising the country’s 80% green energy.

Due to the volume, and the need for specialist machinery, our nappy pants are unable to be made in New Zealand. We design these in New Zealand and make them in Poland. Our manufacturer has state of the art facilities and uses 100% certified green energy from wind farms.

The strength, stretch and moisture protection of the current paper packaging available isn’t suitable for packaging nappies as we need to ensure your nappies stay dry and hygienic.

We have switched to a plastic that is derived from 51% sugarcane, ensuring less fossil-fuels are used in our Treasures Care packaging.

Company-wide, we have a packaging commitment to work towards 100% recyclability of our packaging by 2025.

Yes, these plant based plastic bags can be recycled through the soft plastic recycling scheme. See www.recycling.kiwi.nz/soft-plastics/store-locator for collection point locations.

We want to introduce more sustainable materials derived from plants as they become available, ensuring they are the same or better quality and performance than current materials.

We are working on new products that we will introduce to the market next year.

For now, we’re focusing on switching our materials to plant-based alternatives. You can sign up to our mailing list to find out about the latest innovations from Treasures.

We would also love to hear any suggestions for us to become more sustainable. Please email them to hello@treasures.co.nz or send us a message on Facebook Messenger.

There are no dangerous chemicals used in Treasures nappies. From raw material to finished product, everything used in our nappies must pass strict safety and dermatological testing to ensure the nappy is safe for your baby.

We’re also proud to say there are no perfumes or fragrances added to our nappies.

We’re proud that the Treasures Care nappy is softer on the planet without compromising on quality.

Our nappies are premium absorbency with overnight leakage protection. Treasures absorbency is equal, if not greater than other competitors on the market. However nappies can on occasion leak if they get over full or if the nappy is too small or too big for baby.

Treasures Care nappies need to be disposed of in the general rubbish and are not biodegradable or compostable.

We’re working to reduce the environmental impact of our disposable nappies while still delivering a quality product. To start, we are introducing additional materials, derived from plants that are both renewable and responsibly sourced, to our nappies.

As you can imagine, human waste isn’t easily disposed. Currently, there’s no nationwide infrastructure in New Zealand to support widespread commercial composting of mass-household nappies.

We’re exploring solutions and innovations to reduce the impact of nappy disposal but we want to make sure these sustainable solutions still deliver a quality product and remain convenient for you.

The Treasures Care open nappy has a new deeper waistband made from a soft breathable fabric. This change means the nappy sits more snug on baby , ensuring a comfier fit with better containment.

Other changes are the introduction of FSC®  (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified pulp, a new breathable film and a new outer cover derived from plants, and our packaging is derived from 51% sugarcane.

We encourage anyone who has any thoughts or feedback on the new nappy to get in touch with us. This is our first step on our sustainable nappy journey and we’re excited to hear your feedback on how we can take this further.

The best way to get in touch with us is through email: hello@treasures.co.nz or through Facebook Messenger. These are both monitored weekdays between 10am – 6pm NZ time.

The Treasures Comfort open nappy is still available from some supermarkets in limited pack sizes. You can also purchase these online with free delivery across NZ from treasures.co.nz.

Treasures Comfort nappy pants are no longer available (online or in store) but we encourage you to try the new Treasures Care nappy pants.