To celebrate the new Treasures’ Care, our team set off to take pictures of children throughout the country. Photographer (and mum of three) Jessie Casson focused her lens on the North Island destinations while photographer Eddie Berla (dad of two) toured the South Island with us.

Children from our communities were photographed in NZ’s great outdoors, free to discover and play in their natural surroundings. These nine children represent the wonderful diversity that is New Zealand.




Lucy, Walker
Waipu – Northland

A place to run free and happy, an open field of flowers in full bloom is a child’s dream come true – it turns out it is a photographer’s as well. The warm midday sunlight set the scene in the Waipu countryside –  an ideal location as adorable toddler Lucy discovered all that within it, from teeny tiny ladybirds to Queen’s Lace Flowers.  Days like this make for ever-so sweet memories.




Nathan, Crawler
Muriwai – West Cost

Who doesn’t love an enjoyable outing to the beach and breathing in all that fresh ocean air? When visiting Muriwai, for six-month old Nathan, the only question was what to do first. Play in the mounds of black sand? Roll in the tussock? Dip his toes in the cool water? How about all of the above?! With his boundless energy and infectious smile, our team followed Nathan’s animated delights of discovery – which came with lots of sand between the toes, hands and everywhere else. As the sun started to drop behind the rugged coastline, one word summed up the scene: magic.




Nikita, Newborn
Te Atatu, Auckland

The first few days of life are always full of wonder for both a newborn and parents alike, and we sure felt extra special sharing the early days of a family’s new arrival. Having organised a relaxed set-up in the backyard of photographer Jessie’s Auckland home, in-between feeding and nappy changes six-day old Nikita woke long enough to give mum and nana sleepy smiles. Rise and shine!




Western, Infant
Rotorua – Bay of Plenty

Photographing babies is always an adventure and our visit to Rotorua’s native forest to photograph 10 week old infants certainly was that! Sweet little Western, mum Latoya and family friend Lesley made their way through a maze of ancient bush to join us under a small canopy of ferns where woodpigeons perched on the nearby rimu. The forest floor made the super soft spot to stop and share time with Western, who was all smiles from the very first click of the camera.




Isabella, Toddler
Tongariro – Central North Island

Days usually start early for parents, and our photo shoot in the central North Island was no exception as we awoke before dawn to capture the sunrise at Tongariro National Park.  Far from any busy roads, and off the beaten track, the views of snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear Lake Otamangakau set the scene – the ultimate playground for two-year old Isabella. Dad Dino joined in on the fun and played peek-a-boo behind the tall Raupo reeds and Toi Toi. The game would’ve gone on all day if it wasn’t time for brekie!



Leonie, Junior
Delaware Bay, Nelson

Our little treasure Leonie didn’t have to travel too far from home when making photos in Delaware Bay with dad, (our photographer) Eddie – the spectacular sanctuary extends almost to their doorstep. Here, the land and sea meet in peaceful harmony, setting a captivating backdrop for Leonie’s playful dance moves and cheeky good nature. Teasing dad stayed high on the priority list for the entire day, and dad wouldn’t have it any other way.




Jayden, Junior
Awatere, Marlborough

Bring a toy digger along to a photo shoot on a mountain and start a game of ‘tag’ and the fun doesn’t stop! Zig-zagging through the tussock-covered hills, it was all-action imagery for photographer Eddie and two-year old Jayden in Awatere Valley. With a climate more extreme than most of Marlborough, the jaw-dropping rugged terrain made for an epic background of high country.



Hudson, Toddler
Punakaiki, West Coast

A short distance from Pancake Rocks, smack in the middle of a sun-soaked beach photographer Eddie and our young Hudson made the most of the day together building sandcastles and throwing stones into the sea that stretched as far as the eye could see. Other than the sound of waves, Hudson’s contagious laughter carried in the breeze well beyond the surrounding cabbage trees and coastal flax-flats. Fun in the sun!



Delphie, Toddler
Fiordland,  Southland

From its deep valleys and pristine lakes to the vast wilderness, Fiordland is a natural wonder for both children and adults alike. Not far from the lakeside township of Te Anau is the gateway to Fiordland National Park, which made the ideal backdrop for whimsical, laidback images of little Delphie. With dad Eddie behind the camera, and alongside her during the multi-day walk, easy-going Delphie was all smiles.