A Nappy that Cares

We care for you, your whānau and our country.

We’re making a nappy that cares. Not just for your baby but for the place we call home too. This is the first step in our sustainability journey and we’re committed to using more sustainable and renewable materials. Our open nappies are proudly made in Te Rapa, New Zealand. Our nappy pants are designed in New Zealand and made in Poland.

We manufacture our nappies using renewable green energy.

Our New Zealand made open nappies are produced utilising New Zealand’s 80% green energy from our country’s low-emissions electricity generation network of hydro, geothermal and wind.

Our nappy pants are made in Poland using 100% certified green energy from wind farms.





We’re committed to introducing more materials that are derived from plant based sources.

Our open nappy cover is derived from responsibly sourced, 100% plant based materials.

• The softer nappy cover is now gentle on the environment too.

Our open nappies are packaged in lightweight recyclable plastic derived from 51% sugarcane, using half as much oil as regular plastics.

• 51% of the polyethylene (PE) that makes up the outer plastic packaging is derived from renewable sugarcane instead of fossil fuel oil.

• The outer packaging is no. 4 LDPE and can be recycled through soft plastics recycling bins at participating retailers.



We’re committed to using responsibly sourced materials.

Our nappy pads are made with pulp from FSC®– certified
forests and other controlled sources.

• The FSC® label means that the pulp comes from responsibly managed forests. Responsible forestry is a key consideration when sourcing our pulp and we have an industry-leading Fibre Sourcing Policy.

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international nongovernmental organisation that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. To learn more, visit www.fsc.org.

The plant based materials in our nappy cover and packaging are ISCC certified (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). The certification ensures our material sources are fully traceable, deforestation-free and comply with human and labour rights.

Innovating for the future

These are the first steps in our sustainable journey

Sustainability is important to us.

We will continue to identify and test new materials that will improve the sustainability and the environmental impact of our nappies.

Performance is still a #1 priority.

With all the sustainability improvements we make, our nappies will still offer premium quality performance.

Positive solutions for a reduced impact.

There is no denying, disposable nappies contribute to New Zealand’s landfill challenges. We are currently exploring solutions and innovations to reduce the impact of nappy disposal.

Everything we do is out of care for little Kiwis